Our brand new winter cocktails are here!

This is my very first post and I decided it had to be an important announcement!

So I am very happy to present to you our new cocktail list, “the Map of Flavor”! We created 10 new drinks that combine winter ingredients and flavors and we improvise with some new trends. Of course in our “map” you will find two drinks from the past catalogues, as I think that best seller cocktails should be on every menu until they are not best sellers anymore! As always we tried to create different drinks that suit every taste bud. My opinion is that a cocktail bar should aim to entertain the guests with every aspect of its existence. This means that the drinks should have a target to please people with specific needs. This takes time and effort and it is usually the main factor of the success or failure of a cocktail menu. You have to take under consideration every aspect when you design a new list. For example you have to know what the local people know about cocktails, what is their favorite spirit base, what are they trained to drink and the level of sweetness they tolerate. 

But to get to the point, I can describe our new list as a mainstream set of drinks which combines some Molecular techniques, some twists on classic drinks, of course a lot of fresh and homemade ingredients and as always great names and stories to accompany the cocktails. 

For more details it goes without saying that you will have to visit us and try our cocktails and trust me, it will worth a while!

But since this is my first post, I will give you a small hint of what we do here…

Our bartender creating the cocktail..

Our bartender creating the cocktail..



50ml 42 Bellow Vodka

25ml Monin Butterscotch syrup

25ml fresh lemon juice

Ground Mandola rim