Cocktail List | Summer 2015
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1. Bee’s Red Snapper

In 1934 bartender Fernand Petiot created the perfect cure for the hangovers. It was called the “Red Snapper” and this is our wonderful twist! With our very own tomato mix, fresh lemon juice, salt
and pepper, Bombay Sapphire Gin!

2. Paloma beezqiou

This is what happens if you combine a legendary greek band (Peloma Bokiou) and the traditional cocktail of Mexico! With pink pepper infused Reposado Tequila, fresh lime juice, lavender bitters and grapefruit soda.

3. Oh My! Collins

A cocktail that will put you in a wonderful summer mood and will give you a boost of freshness! With Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, homemade watermelon soda, fresh lemon juice and homemade spiced syrup.

4. Unicorn

It is a mythical creature and the legend says that it is impossible to capture. The same thing will happen to your senses after tyou try this cocktail with Mastiha liqueur, strawberry-infused Aperol, grapefruit oleosaccharum, fresh lemon juice and cranberry bitters!

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1. Kill Bill

The most popular cocktail ever shaken in Bee’s Knees the Bar! It has been in our Summer lists for 3 straight years and it is a veteran! With Stolichnaya vodka, peach, lychee liqueur, sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice, mint and cranberry juice. Just perfect!

2. Yo soy Maria!

A cocktail that was inspired by the song “Yo Soy Maria” by Maria Volonte. It is from the famous Opera of Buenos Aires and it will make you feel
a peace of mind! Just like our drink with Vanilla-infused Cazadores Blanco, homemade spiced syrup, chillies, mango, fresh lime juice.

3. White fire

This cocktail will drive you crazy! The combination of coconut and chilly will confuse your taste buds and play with your mind. It is a twist of one of the most recognizable cocktails, the Mojito! With Bacardi Superior, coconut cream, homemade chilly syrup, mint and fresh lime juice.

4. Aromata del Paradiso

Every summer aroma is inside your glass… The heaven’s door is open and waiting for you, but only if you are a good kid… With basil aromatised Stolichnaya vodka, strawberry, strawberry shrub, Maraschino liqueur, homemade spiced syrup and fresh lemon juice. Heavenly!

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1. Lucifer

From Heaven to Hell in just a second! This is what the fallen angel drank and decided to leave heaven for…#beeskneesthebar! With Stolichnaya vodka, passion fruit, pineapple-chilly shrub, homemade spiced syrup, fresh lemon juice and Angostura bitters

2. Bee’s Knees #6

Time flies when you are having fun! This is the sixth twist on this popular Prohibition Era(1920-1933) cocktail that we have on our menus! This time we suggest you try it with cardamom-infused Bombay Sapphire gin, homemade saffron-honey syrup and fresh lemon juice.

3. Stormtrooper

This is the cocktail that Darth Vader gave to his troops to defeat the Rebels! It is a twist of the Dark n’ Stormy cocktail that will get you to a galaxy far far away… With Rum Blend #2, homemade ginger beer, fresh lime juice and Bee’s Surprise bitters!

4. Bounty Cocktail

Imagine you are on a beach, lying on a sunbed under the shadow of
a coconut palm! This is a dream… And then you take the coconut milk, you combine it with chocolate liqueur, Bacardi Gold and Aztec chocolate bitters! And there you have it, the Bounty Cocktail!

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1. Bee’s Rum-Manhattan

A bottled cocktail that will capture your mind from the first moment you unscrew it! It is a twist of the legendary Manhattan and we make it with Rum Blend #3, Carpano Antica Formula, Rosso Vermouth del Professore, Peychaud’s bitters and Orange bitters.

2. Corpse Reviver #2

A concoction that is supposed to cure your hangover. But be careful because “four of these taken in swift succession will quickly unrevive the corpse again.” , as Harry Craddock(American Bar, Savoy hotel) said. This is the original recipe with Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lillet Blanc, Triple sec, fresh lemon juice and a dash of Absinth!

3. La Llorona

A woman, a mexican myth and tequila. It is the perfect script for
a story! A woman whose cry is terrifying wanders in the narow streets of Mexico City. The only way to confront her is by drinking this cocktail with Cazadores Reposado tequila,Aperol, Carpano Classico, Noilly Prat dry vermouth, St. Germain liqueur and Del MagueyVida mezcal!

4. Walking Dead the Cocktail

Αν πιείτε πάνω από δυο, θα γίνετε σαν τα ζόμπι στην ομώνυμη σειρά! Αλλά από την άλλη ποιος μπορεί να αντισταθεί σε ένα cocktail με Zombie Rum blend, guava, σπιτικό σιρόπι βανίλιας, φρέσκο χυμό λεμόνι και
Fee Brothers Old Fashioned bitters.

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1. Lucky Cup

Strawberry, homemade vanilla syrup, basil, fresh lemon juice, soda.

2. Caribbean Virgin

Pineapple, Monin Falernum syrup, fresh lime juice, soda.